Diabetes Incoming !!!

Have you ever had 7 variation of beverage in a single day and get away with it? Well, today was one heck of a moment for me to remember!

I have been doing a Barista training course for about a week now and to be honest, it’s really fun … obviously because you get to drink free self-made beverages and try to come up with new recipes and beverage ideas. There are funny and contagious incident with your barista partner when they execute thinks incorrectly like frothing milk in a venti or pouring boiling water from Group Head to prepare Americano while few of them add so many caramel into the macchiato that the Diabetes you get would pass onto your future generation of offspring. There is this one kid who even adds sugar into his espresso … (who does that?!?!)

While latte art is known as design or pattern made on the surface of latte that makes the coffee visually appealing & shows the fact that barista really cares, my colleagues perceives it as a  painting paper where they can scrabble like an infant. The same kid who adds sugar in an espresso, designs various distorted latte art then recites, “It’s an art only a real artist can understand” (as if we hope his latte art goes up for auction!!!) Either way, making coffee is learning new things and having fun at the same time. The adrenaline rush one gets when they design a perfect latte art is what defines the ecstasy of a Barista.

However, today went totally divergent of the usuality. We learned to make both hot and coold beverages. Arrived early in the morning at 7:08AM at the training academy and made myself an Ice Americano & Ice Caramel Macchiato. Our trainer taught us how to make blended beverages where he made every single drinks in the list and served us. I drank the whole drink in an instance, my friends were having trouble digesting the cold drinks and as expected, they passed on the drinks to ME !!! I had Blended Mocha, Blended Caramel Macchiato, Blended Lemonade and that wasn’t enough, I even had a Blended Oreo Cookies Shake with (one extra scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream). I was literally hallucinating to the point where I was wandering around like a psychopath with my teeth going through extreme pain , which disappeared after I served myself a Cappuccino.

Aaaaand that’s pretty much how my week went, just training and sleeping. Have you ever encountered such funny and weird incident in your life? Think!

PS: Excuse my bad English, I hope starting to write blogs will help me improve my English !!!